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     Warka is the sole importer and distributor of the renowned Bajaj motorcycle and its spare parts. We bring bikes suitable for commuters, commercial purpose drivers, and people looking for sporty bikes. Orders are made based on our stock availability and the market demand for each product.

    Warka works with more than 160 authorized dealers spread across the country, most of who provide
motorbikes, spares, and service.

     At Warka, we aim at linking different parts of the world to Ethiopia through different fields of business and industries. Warka and its Sister companies are involved in the agricultural, automotive, manufacturing, transportation, and transit & forwarding businesses. Recognized by the Ethiopian Government as the top exporter and a 71% market share of motorbike sales in Ethiopia, we strive to maintain our excellence in the market. We mainly export Sesame Seeds, and other Oil seeds, Pulses, Spice, and Natural Gum to Asia, Europe, The Middle East, and Africa. Warka’s brand is well-known and favored among several international agricultural product buyers and local Bajaj motorbike buyers.

Involvement in the Bajaj Motorbike assembly, distribution and sales has given us a high market share on Ethiopia’s automotive industry. By working together with Bajaj Auto LTD, we aim at reducing traffic congestion and speed up movement in major cities of Ethiopia. The different range of motorbikes we provide suit different customers.

Warka was founded in 1996 by the current Owner and Managing Director Mr. Yitbarek Zegeye.

Our Team

Yitbarek Zegeye

Owner and Managing Director

Dereje Taffese

General Manager

Abayneh Demisse

Distribution Manager

Samuel Ayenew

Finance Manager


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