We're serious about talent.

Whether you have a 5 year work experience or a College graduate, we have a place for you. 

  • Excellence — Our Employees always bring the best out of each other. Instead of competing with one another, we believe everyone should 'compete together.' 

  • Teamwork — The outcome of a team's work is always better than an individual's, which is why Warka sets up its office to influence teamwork rather than individual work. 

  • Innovation — We are always innovating in every front, whether it's our assembly line and sorting machines, or our Management method. 

  • Passion — Our employees work hard not only for the company, but to make each other happy and passionate about their job. 

„Every project is a new challenge to produce something unique.“


Vacation Time

Visit your family and friends, or take a long vacation to Awassa with paid leave, available to all employees!


Come to office early or leave late and use our Office Gym. (To be available soon) 

Paid Parental Leave

Retirement Plan

Our Office

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