Warka Transport has a total of 35 heavy duty truck vehicles. Currently, Warka is one of the major transport companies actively operating in the country. The head office is located in Addis Ababa, with 2 branch offices in Humera and Metema with their own workshop, 2 coordinating office in Gonder, and 1 mobile workshop.
The service is organized under one department which is directly responsible to the general manager. This transport department has its own technique branch, GPS tracking system, Dispatcher, facilitator, finance collector, and tools keeper. The department is effective and efficient as compared to other transportation organizations.
Service provided include transportation from Addis Ababa to Humera, Mekelle, Metema,Djibouti.
We also provide transportation from Djibouti to cities in Ethiopia.

With our fleet of 35 cargo trucks, we provide transportation services for ourselves and other companies. Our trucks carry import or export products to and from the Djibouti port. All our trucks have a GPS tracker that have the capability to record speed, fuel level, and check the electrical and mechanical condition of the vehicles. For companies looking to transport their product, please contact our transport manager .

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