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Our Bajaj motorbikes are known for their strength, durability and performance which is why our products are preferred by customers. We distribute different segments of motorbikes suitable for different customer needs, all easy to maintain in any of our service centers across Ethiopia. 

Customers buying from our authorized dealers are assured to leave happy from our showrooms. Dealers are trained to give the finest customer service to everyone interested in our product.

Our agricultural products are another aspect of our business we focus on to make each of our international buyers happy.

We have been improving our processing method since our company began exporting in 1996. We believe that every new technology that can make processing easier and better is a new technology we should apply.

Growing community by inspiring healthy, whole, abundant living.

Indian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Mr. Shetkintong, and the Mayor of Gelan Administration, Mr. Ahmed, visit to Warka Office and Assembly Plant on November 22, 2020

    Indian Ambassador to Ethiopia's visit to Warka

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