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About US

We are an award winning collective of professionals​

Core Values

Where it all started

Before Warka became the giant it is today, it had to go through a lot of ups and downs. Yitbarek, owner and founder of Warka traded Sesame Seeds, Sorghum, and other Agri-products between farmers and exporters for 4 years before he developed himself as an exporter. Since 1997, Warka slowly developed to become the company it is today, with its first-ever export made to the country of Israel.

Fun Fact: Before Yitbarek started work in the agriculture business, he was a goldsmith which lasted for 19 years. He worked in Dessie, Addis Ababa, and Assab in Eritrea where he was known to have the best gold in the latter.

Yitbarek Zegye, Founder and CEO of Warka Trading House

A Success story

1993 GC

TThe journey began when Yitbarek decided to start Sesame Seeds trading between farmers and exporters

1997 GC

Yitbarek Zegeye Import and Export made its first Sesame Seeds export. 10 Containers were exported to Israel

2004 GC

Yitbarek Zegeye Import and Export changes to the popular and quality-focused Warka Trading House

2013 GC

Warka recorded the highest US Dollars through the export of sesame seeds, recognized by EPOSPEA

2020 GC

Warka expanded its Coffee business and exported more than 500 containers to countries across Europe and Asia

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Our recognitions

We are grateful that we have been able to make a difference in people’s lives and earn recognition from renowned organizations and the Ethiopian government.

Recognized as a top exporter of Sesame Seeds by EPOSPEA
Acquired the highest USD for the country
One of the biggest job creators in the country
Active involvement towards reforestation. With this effort, we have planted approximately 5,000 trees.
Recognized by the town of Gelan for the provision of free and unlimited clean water for the residents of the area.
Warka Tower is known for its elegance, beauty, and lighting that can be seen from Kilometers away in the Bole area.

and so much more…

Products & Services

Agriculture and Overseas Trade

We process, produce and export high grade agricultural products all over the world.

Product & Services

Import and Distribution

We are the sole importers of Bajaj motorcycle and the largest motorcycle importers in Ethiopia

Product & Services

Real Estate

WARKA Tower is a landmark mixed-use development located in Bole sub-district, a prime area in Addis Ababa City. Comprising an intricate mix of living, shopping, working, leisure, and visiting, the project’s design rises over the city to create a silk lining of architectural marvel.

Product & Services

Transportation and Transit

With our 40 trucks, we provide heavy load transportation to and from Djibouti Port and within Ethiopia.

Where it all started

At the age of 14 (1974), Yitbarek, the owner and founder of Warka Trading House PLC, moved from Axum to Addis Ababa to work as an employee in a gold shop. He started working for free, but started getting paid 5 birr a week, meals included. At 16, he moved to a small town called Dessie to work in his brother’s gold shop. While working there, Yitbarek saved up money and open his own shop around the age of 18.

This continued from 1977 to 1985. In 1985, he realized
there is better money involved with Gold in the city of Assab, Eritrea, since then he had a gold shop that was making good money, he opened another gold shop in Addis Ababa as well. He would travel to Dubai and Addis Ababa to buy gold and sale in his shop, and sometimes craft them based on customer’s order. In Dubai, he would purchase textiles, stationary goods, or anything that would make profit in Addis Ababa.

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