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Agriculture and Overseas Trade

Coffee, Oil Seeds, Spices and more


We use state-of-the-arts machinery to wash, sort, filter and produce coffee and seeds of the highest quality.


We are one of the top exporters of Sesame seeds and Coffee in Ethiopia. Having a client base in 5 continents and 35+ countries.

"Warka" Quality

We make no compromises when it comes to quality, accordingly we have received multiple awards our brand has gained recognition in the international market.
Dried coffee bean
oil seeds

Oilseeds and Coffee

Oilseeds, predominantly Sesame Seeds, and Coffee are our top priority in Exports. Warka’s overseas trade has gained it an adequate brand name with all our buyers. The ‘Warka’ quality is up to the standard in terms of both quality and quantity asked by the customer. Our business customers are always left satisfied with our service with the need for our continued service.

Sesame Seeds

We have long experience in Sesame Seeds and Sesame Seeds trade. Our state-of-the-art machinery at Gelan has the capability of cleaning and sorting with an output of 100% purity. Our customers have always adored our commitment to quality!


Relatively new in the Coffee market, we have impressed all stakeholders part of our Coffee trade due to our resilience to the challenges we’re facing as new entrants. Currently, we’re focused on trading with companies all over Europe with a plan to expand to the American continent in the future. 

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A worldwide
client base

Satisfying Customers all over the World One at a Time!

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Bole Medhanialem, Warka Building, 5th floor, Suite 502